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KamaClix Will Be Sold!
Published on 05-11-2020

Dear Members!

I regret to inform you that due to the instability and financial failure of the KamaClix website, I decided to sell the website to avoid its suspension.

Currently, I am negotiating with one of the largest advertisers of the website, which is interested in buying it. The sale should take place by November 13, 2020 at the latest.

Until then, the website will continue to function as before, but all withdrawals will be refunded and their resumption will be carried out by the new Admin.

I hope that the new Admin will take more care of the website stability and you will be satisfied with it.

Thank you for your cooperation so far and good luck.

Rules For Standard Member
Published on 01-07-2020

Standard member must be deposit $1.00 one time for getting their payouts.

Upgrade Membership Discounts For First 1000 Users!
Published on 18-05-2020

1. Discount 50% For 1st 200 Users All Membership Upgrading.
2. Discount 40% For 2nd 200 Users All Membership Upgrading.
3. Discount 30% For 3rd 200 Users All Membership Upgrading.
4. Discount 20% For 4th 200 Users All Membership Upgrading.
5. Discount 10% For 5th 200 Users All Membership Upgrading.

Welcome to KamaClix!
Published on 18-05-2020

Hello members!
KamaClix is owned by KamaFamily. KamaFamily make business in Advertise Services. We create KamaClix from idea which make profits to you and our company. At KamaClix, you can Earning Money from Clicking Ads and Clicking Ads by Referrals.

Best regards.