Frequently Asked Questions
What is KamaClix?
KamaClix is owned by KamaFamily. KamaFamily make business in Advertise Services.
At KamaClix, you can Earning Money from Clicking Ads and Clicking Ads by Referrals.
Can I own more than 1 account?
No, one user can only own 1 account only. If we detect multiple accounts that relate to the same person, all accounts will be closed.
Can I change my upline?
No, we don't change any upline, so please make sure that its correct upline when you sign up.
What is minimum and maximum cashout limit?
Minimum 1st cashout is $2.00, 2nd is $4.00, 3rd is $6.00, 4th is $8.00, every next is $10.00 for All members.
Maximum cashout is No limits for All members.
When can i receive payment?
Standard member must be deposit $1.00 one time for getting their payouts.
Payments are manual on request. Just click for cashout and get in your payment account within 2-30 days.
How many payment processor we support?
Currently KamaClix support only Perfect Money and Payeer payment processors.
We are working on introducing additional payment processors.
How can I find referrals?
Promote your reflink on the web.
We do not sell Direct Referral.